Business Process Automation

Complete Business Automation

theCrystalDrop is your storng technical partner with an elegant platform to improve your Business Excellence through process automation.

Our Services

Our Services

Accounting System

Complete duel entry accounting system with user friendly interface and operations.

Inventory Solution

Complete Inventory with Multi-Store, Purchase and Sales Management.

Loan Management

Solution for Periodic Billing and Regular Loan or EMI Management.

HR Payroll

Manage Salary Expression and Complete batch wise payment.


Manage comission for Distibutor, Customer and other stakeholders.

Point of Sale

Interactive invoice system, Auto Sales and Credit/Cash Customer Managemnet.

Do you need a customized solution?

Plug & Play theCrystalDrop Device

theCrystalDrop Device is most effective for small enterprize. Solutions are embed in the device and you can run application just attaching a monitor or you can plug with your computer and network.

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Cloud Solution

Low Cost solution without any technical setup of Device and Network. Just get an internet connection start to use. System always mantained by us with latest version of software.

theCrystalDrop Device

Plug and Play solution, Get our small device with one time investment and use it in your Premises by plugging a monitor or connecting in your network through Wifi or Cable.

Internal Network

Most robust solution is to implement in local network with good capacity for large scale operation. Our solution work well with multiple stakeholders.

Support Partners

Below are our associates may offer same service. For any inconvenience please do not hesitate to contact with us directly.

Plexus SoftweraeStrong Clould Partner
Core InnovationInnovative Technical Assistance
Siraj DistributionYour IT Partner